Poker Tools

Here are some poker tools you may find useful:

(Last edited April 21, 2010)

The Basics

Hand Converters & Pastebins

  • – Paste your hand histories and share the URLs for all to see

AHK Scripts

Automates some of the repetitive tasks in poker.

Datamining and Table Selection

  • FT Table Opener – Opens Full Tilt ring game tables based on your options (stakes, players, avg pot size, etc.). Makes datamining easy while you’re away, and you can set it up on multiple computers. (note: this software now costs $25)
  • hhSmithey – Monthly datamining service. You subscribe and receive daily poker hands by email. Supports Party and FTP.
  • hhDealer – Monthly and bulk datamining service. Either get daily hands emailed, or make one-time bulk purchases. Supports a lot of sites. It’s more expensive than hhSmithey, but you get a lot more hands per day.


  • PokerStove – Calculates equities of hand ranges for Hold’em. Basically a standard tool for everyone now.
  • – Onlineversion of PStove. Also supports multiple games.
  • ProPokerTools Simulator – This is a pretty amazing simulator. Works like PStove, except it also supports Omaha, O8, and Razz. Also, you can hit the Graph button and see an equity graph of each range over % of flops. For example, put in AA vs 44 and hit Graph, you’ll see that AA basically has 90% equity on 80% of the flops, but 10% of the flops 44 has 85% equity. I’m not sure how to use this yet, but it might be useful to see how often your call will result in a situation you’ll like.
  • Poker Results Calculator – Wondering if you’re a winning player? Put in your info and this will build a winrate range based on your info using statistics. The red lines are the upper and lower bounds, green is your mean, and the black line is a simulation of how somebody with your stats could be running.


  • Skype – VOIP. Sign up for a free account and you can chat with friends using a mic.
  • Mikogo – Free desktop sharing application. Up to 10 people can view your desktop in real time. Also available as a Skype Extra here.

Table Mods

Eye candy while you’re on the grind.

  • Full Tilt Poker Mods Wiki – a lot of great free mods, plus links to many more. Full Tilt only. (Note: seems to be down as of April 21, 2010)
  • TiltBuster – A site that sells mods for Stars, UB, FTP, Absolute, and Party. Not free, but their prices are pretty good.

8 Responses

  1. Hi some of these tools are things I’ve not seen before and will certainly have a look into them in order to help my game.

    Good Luck


  2. Hi i was wondering if i needed a little help with the logmein you could help

    i tried to sweat with martin the other day but i got a message about ot haveing activex or javascript any idea how to solve that ?

    Also if youre interested in a sweat any time im playing id be happy


  3. I think java or activex are probably just installs, if you’re using IE just click on the yellow popup and accept, if it’s a prompt (for java) then allow it. If you don’t have Java installed, you need to install Java VM ( Your problem will be one of those 3 I think, if not then hit me up on MSN.

    I’m definitely up for a sweat. I added you yesterday, but you haven’t come on since. My MSN is

  4. Hi DWarrior,

    Glad to see you’re benefiting from Mikogo. Have you used Mikogo and Skype together? You can now access free screen sharing from Skype using the Mikogo Skype Extra ( After getting the Extra, you just click on a Skype contact > Do more > Mikogo – Free Online Meetings, and send them an invitation to join your meeting.
    For more info feel free to check out our homepage for the Mikogo Skype User Guide.

    Hope that helps with your sweats.

    The Mikogo Team

  5. is another great site for getting datamined hands. Really cheap to get a huge amount of hands. Does iPoker, Poker Stars, Full Tilt and Party Poker. NLH and LH and some Omaha.

  6. I have to 2nd the above post and state that HandHQ is a really slick service!

  7. I recently bought a month of handhistories at .
    Much better coverage than hhsmithey + easier download.
    Can highly recommend them.

  8. This is also good.
    The software works well, Ammyy Admin doesn’t require installation or specific config, works behind gateways NAT as well as within one LAN.

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