Hold’em Manager HUD

I spent some time looking over the HUD options in Hold’em Manager. I really didn’t like the default one and basically replaced every element with my own.

I made one for Full Tilt 6-max tables that closely resembles the PA HUD-type layout, but with the powerful new 3-bet stats of HM. If you want to use it for other sites, you’re going to have to tweak the stat positioning a bit to match it up to different seat layouts.

HM HUD in action

HM HUD in action

HUD Legend

HUD Legend

These show up when you move the mouse over appropriate stats.









You can download it here: http://dwarrior.110mb.com/poker/DWarrior-HM-HUD-1-1.zip
Unzip this into the Config folder of your HM directory (by default, C:\Program Files\RVG Software\Holdem Manager\Config)

I’m putting it up so people can start using it and give me feedback as to how I can improve it, let’s create a kick-ass HUD!

Note: I really wish HM provided a “Blind vs Steal” stat, which combined SB and BB. For now, I chose to display SB only because BB is somewhat skewed by Battle of Blinds situations. I chose to move it off to Steal pop-up for when it folds around to your SB and you want to check how the BB defends.

Note: To manually align the stats, press and hold Ctrl+Right Click and drag.


20 Responses

  1. Will this only work for Fulltilt? Or can it easily be configured for other sites as well.

  2. I only play on one site, but from searching the HM forums, there doesn’t seem to be any way to configure different default layouts for each site. You’re only allowed to have different default configurations for different structures (NL/Limit, HU, 6max, FR, or Tourney)

    You have to pick a default layout, then if you’re playing on another site, you have to go into Table Manager and manually set a new HUD configuration for the tables you want.

    Oh, and there’s also no way to “clone” layouts, so to have a new one you have to start from scratch. Clone feature is coming very soon though.

    Relevant links:
    HM Forums Thread:

    Configuring Defaults:

    Saving Config:

    Clone Config:

  3. I just meant…do i have to do anything special for this to work for Bodog. I dont alternate between poker sites or anything, but I wasn’t sure if this layout ONLY worked for fulltilt.

  4. This will work for bodog, you’ll just need to tweak it a bit to align with Bodog seats.

  5. Thanks for your quick responses, I tried it and it pulled up but all the stats said “ooooooops” or “-” I waited a few minutes and same thing.

    Not sure what I could be doing wrong.

  6. Did the normal HUD work for you? Some people on the HM forums are reporting HUD problems with Bodog.

    first, start by getting the latest version of HM: http://www.rvgsoftware.com/hm/hmupdate1.06.01p.exe

    “-” usually indicate nonexistent stats (for example, player hasn’t had a chance to c-bet, so the c-bet stat would be “-“). I’m not sure what “ooops” would stand for, but one person on HM reported it and was told to update.

    If the problem persists, can you take a screenshot of your table and put it on http://www.imageshack.us so I can have a slightly better idea of what’s going on. Also, HM Forums may be a bit more helpful:

  7. Okay, yea i was using the old version…thats probably why. I tried the update and it wouldnt even open up. I give up. Thanks for trying though.

  8. Awesome HUD….downloaded and works great for me…now to have learn how to play poker better…lol..

    any lessons?

  9. is there anyway possible, in getting your table image and card display layout….cause my HUD is a little off centre, cause im using default Full-Tilt tables…


  10. To get the stuff to align, you have to use Racetrack View (Options>Table View)

    It’s been a year since I’ve installed the graphics, so it’s hard to remember what I did. I zipped up my Graphics folder in FTP, so just unzip that and you’ll have my graphics. Here’s the link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8YNCOL4W

  11. DWarrior,

    I’ve aligned them all now, working great…thanks alot…

  12. Well i imported the zip file and installed it into the HEM dir. But now the HUD is not lining up with the players. i need help in resetting the player positions with the HUD. i am on ftp using racetrack with no avatars.


  13. Sorry, my desktop is out at the moment and I don’t have any poker stuff installed on my laptop. I don’t think I’ll have the time to fix it any time soon.

    There is a setting that lets you align the HUD (i think it’s right click+drag, but check the HM help/forums).

  14. i figured it out to right click n drag into the spot. i do want to thank for for the zip file. i am new to this program and am trying to learn as i go.

    i might be interested in a coach 4 this prog to get me used to it.

    if there is any info you can turn me on to please feel free to email me.

    thx again

  15. Thanks for this Great HUD Config.

    Loving it

  16. hi mate, well done great setup, ive just started using hm and i think this set up is awsome, thanks

  17. Could it be that the link is down? I get a time-out 😦
    Looks really great, your HUD!

  18. I think they’re having server problems, their site is down. I’ll keep checking though and make sure the file is still there.

  19. Seems like a temporary problem, working fine now.

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